Alice Peta Quinn is an Artist, who distinctively utilises traditional Hand Embroidery techniques to examine autobiographical themes and ideas. She works from her own studio in Haslemere (Surrey), as well as on location for various freelance projects. 

Primarily led by her own experiences, Alice’s practice is driven by concept. She works with juxtapositions and contrasts  - in terms of aesthetics, metaphors, as well as in the stark nature of the ideas she brings together through her practice.

She is also a firm believer in the therapeutic and meditative power of stitch; the haptic and captivating act of putting needle to cloth. Alice aims to captivate the viewer, and have her work resonate with them - whether that is due to the nature of the pieces, the shared experiences present, or additionally the form and skill involved in the creation.

Professionally trained in the Art of Hand Embroidery at the Royal School of Needlework, since graduating in 2017 Alice has worked in both Fashion and the Art world on a multitude of projects.



Haslemere, UK


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